2015·Feeding Landscape
5-20 September

2015 focus

Feeding Landscape

Bergamo and agricultural knowledge: an indestructible duo, celebrated for the last five years with the most well-known international landscapers, who for this edition will look at the theme Feeding Landscape – Agriculture shapes the landscape.
The focus of this Fifth Edition is a reflection on the agricultural landscape as a necessary evolution from the natural landscape. Because human works of agriculture, depending on the type of cultivation and the climate, have changed the contours of the earth over time. Ploughing, terracing, rows of vines, grazing fields, hay stacks, windmills, canals, farms – all of these trace lines, make shapes and add colour. All with a single aim: to produce food for mankind. This simple work produces, simultaneously, food for the eye and for the soul for those who live the land.

International Meeting

The International Meeting of the Landscape and Garden(19-20 September), is the very observatory of the landscape culture of the event, a special opportunity to listen to and understand the true protagonists from the world of designing greenery presenting their ideas on landscape.
This year the Meeting is pleased to present Kongjian Yu (CN), one of the world’s most renowned archistars noted for his avant-garde eco-city projects. Architect Darko Pandakovic (IT), professor and UNESCO consultant, will present his idea of landscape as a common heritage. Erik Dhont (BE), with his sensitivity for exotic greenery and aesthetic detail, will represent landscape architects. Another presenter is Roger Doiron (USA), the man behind the White House kitchen garden and listed among the top ten Inspiring People in the Fast Company magazine. Discover urban kitchen gardens, temporary gardens and guerrilla gardening with Pierre Alexandre Risser (FR), and taste the landscape from the point of view of food with Carlo Boni Brivio (IT).

Marcus Barnett (UK)

Marcus Barnett (UK)

Carlo Boni Brivio (IT)

Carlo Boni Brivio (IT)

Erik Dhont (BE)

Erik Dhont (BE)

kongjian Yu (CN)

kongjian Yu (CN)

Darko Pandakovic (IT)

Darko Pandakovic (IT)

Alexander Risser (FR)

Alexander Risser (FR)

Roger Doiron (USA)

Roger Doiron (USA)

Green Square
in Piazza Vecchia

Inspired by Expo and the theme of Feeding Landscape Agriculture shapes the landscape, Andy Sturgeon’s project for Piazza Vecchia represents the evolution of the landscape in its conversion to crop production. The makeover represents the forest that gives over its land to cultivation; the burnt, black and fertile land is transformed through cultivation and takes on shapes, colours and produces food that nourishes the eyes
and souls of those who live the territory.
In this installation there are two souls. One that shows the linear forms of fields and terraces typical of the productive landscape and is illustrated by the use of rectangular planters at different levels. Each contains a crop grown locally: wheat, fennel and other vegetables, sunflower and grapes. The second shows small woods and fruit-bearing bushes, all that remains of the original ancient landscape.
Linear pools of water, representing canals, and bales of hay, placed at strategic points, introduce an element of sculpture and complete the picture. The hay, traditionally a symbol of harvesting, reminds us of the yearly cycle of food production on a landscape worked on by man, while
at the same time creating a framework to highlight a truly unique vista.

Andy Sturgeon (UK)

Andy Sturgeon (UK)

Lucia Nusiner (IT)

Lucia Nusiner (IT)

Progetto illuminazione
Maurizio Quargnale (IT)

Maurizio Quargnale (IT)

Schizzo Piazza Vecchia
©Katuscia Ratto

Green Square
in Piazza Masheroni

The setup of Piazza Mascheroni, finalized by Lucia Nusiner, takes us back to the beginnings of agriculture, to man the gatherer, not the settled cultivator. The towering elms of the piazza represent the primeval forest in the shade of which flourish herbaceous perennials and grasses provided by Valfredda Nursery. There is also a space for relaxation and aperitifs – Giardino Bisol.
The other side of the piazza presents a lawn shaped into dunes which represent undulating hills. The restful person finds a welcoming place to sit, while the more adventurous kids can practise their climbing skills on gigantic insects provided by Giochisport.
So Piazza Mascheroni becomes a new Piazza Verde, a place to pass time surrounded by shrubs; a reminder of man, the gatherer of berries and wild fruit.

Schizzo Piazza Mascheroni
©Cinzia Ester Invernizzi

Numbers speak

Two hundred and fifty thousand visitors
Two green squares (Piazza Verdi)
Five Green Design locations
37 events Educational #GreenTour #GreenShow #GreenEye #GreenFood #Kids #GreenCompanies
2,037 tickets issued; 1,290 of these for seminars, conferences and formative meetings
538 items of news published in specialised magazines, newspapers | foreign media| web | radio | TV
62 national and international partner companies
17 local | national | international media partners
20 internationally renowned landscape architects from around the world as speakers.
12 partnering restaurants
67 interns involved in the square staging/maintenance and at the info-point

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