2014·Healing Landscape
6-21 September

Focus 2014

Healing Landscape

Well-being of the mind and of the body, well-being of the individual and of the group.
For two weeks, Nature’s energy will be the protagonist in Bergamo and the password will be ‘well-being’. With the focus of the 2014 Edition, ‘The Healing Landscape’, we move back in time; we return to the era of herbal cures, of medicinal plants which cure ailments. Thus, we rediscover the importance of landscape in our daily life. The garden helps eliminate stress, welcomes us and offers rest – and not just this – it also acts as a therapeutic instrument that, by raising the levels of serotonin in the body, has a positive influence on society as a whole, reducing hospital sojourns and the consumption of painkillers.
Through the simple task of gardening, a person attracts the energies of the plant, allowing a free-flow of his state of being and his thoughts. This state is a human need – called ‘biophilia’ – and is a throwback to our primitive ancestors.

International Meeting

At the heart of the event is the International Meeting at the Teatro Sociale (20th and 21st of September), a unique opportunity to hear and meet personalities from the world of landscape design discussing the landscape, gardens and the theme of “The Healing Landscape”.
The much-awaitedd novelty this year is the tête-à-tête between Luciano Giubbilei (Best in Show, Chelsea Flower Show 2014) and Fergus Garrett, well-known head gardener of Great Dixter. The two personalities will be interviewed by Juliet Roberts, Editor-in-Chief of Britain’s Gardens Illustrated magazine, and by the members of the public attending the Meeting.
This emphasises the international character of the event. Arketipos, to further nourish this international aspect, offers a scholarship for Great Dixter worth 3,000 pounds to a deserving student.

Stig L. Andersson (DK)

Stig L. Andersson (DK)

Fergus Garrett (UK)

Fergus Garrett (UK)

Pablo Georgieff (FR)

Pablo Georgieff (FR)

Luciano Giubbilei (FR)

Luciano Giubbilei (FR)

Mikyuong Kim (USA)

Mikyuong Kim (USA)

Ulf Nordfjell (S)

Ulf Nordfjell (S)

Antonio Perazzi (IT)

Antonio Perazzi (IT)

Giulio Senes (IT)

Giulio Senes (IT)

Green Square
in Piazza Vecchia

The curtains will open to unveil nature, art and landscape in Città Alta.
From the 6th to the 21st of September a new creative exploration guides us to the rediscovery of Bergamo with the temporary set up in Piazza Vecchia designed by the artist/landscape architect Peter Fink in collaboration with Lucia Nusiner and Maurizio Quargnale. The inspiration for the set up this year is the theme of the 2014 Edition The Healing Landscape.
The theme is worked with artistic creativity by the London designer who intertwines colour as a protagonist among the plants, flowers, lights and historical charm.
A strong magenta will be the pulsing heart of Piazza Vecchia; revolving around this will be pomegranates, irises, medicinal plants
and aromatic herbs.
Visitors will be immersed in a dream-like garden set between the historical architectural splendours of the city; the pleasurable sensations of surprise, curiosity and relaxation will come together, making for a memorable experience.

Peter Fink (UK)

Peter Fink (UK)

Lucia Nusiner (IT)

Lucia Nusiner (IT)

Progetto illuminazione
Maurizio Quargnale (IT)

Maurizio Quargnale (IT)

Sketch of Piazza Vecchia
©Katuscia Ratto

Number speak

· Two hundred and fifty thousand visitors
· Green Squares in Piazza Vecchia
· 19 events
· More of 2,000 tickets issued
· 59 national and international partner companies
· 16 internationally speakers

Green Square by night

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