2012·Orti in città
30 August-13 September

Focus 2012

Orti in città

The keywords are: return to earth, tradition, ancient values.
The use of gardens, the symbol of caring for the earth, the play-educational aspect for children and teenagers, is a beautiful, useful and good element. This is the sign of a landscaper who designs landscapes and cares for the choice of plant species for gardens, parks and flower beds to meet needs in these times of global crisis.

International Meeting

At the heart of the event is the International Meeting at the Teatro Sociale (1st and 2nd of September), a unique opportunity to hear and meet personalities from the world of landscape design discussing the landscape, gardens.

John Brookes (UK)

John Brookes (UK)

Gabriele Kiefer (DE)

Gabriele Kiefer (DE)

Catherine Mosbach (FR)

Catherine Mosbach (FR)

Marco Pozzoli (IT)

Marco Pozzoli (IT)

Aren Jan van der Horst (NL)

Aren Jan van der Horst (NL)

Peter Walker (US)

Peter Walker (US)

Clive West (UK)

Clive West (UK)

Franco Zagari (IT)

Franco Zagari (IT)

Green Square

This year, the project wishes to communicate a strong message of sustainability. Exacerbated  by the global crisis, something as basic as the choice of plants for gardens, parks and flowerbeds is to be done with great care. One of our objectives is to introduce lesser-known plant species to Italy such as ornamental grasses and rustic perennials which require little watering and maintenance. Another is to celebrate the orchard which has long represented care for the earth along with serving an educational purpose for children and teenagers. Therefore our hope is to leave a message of sustainability, not only regarding the environment but also the food we eat. The orchard looks to the traditional landscapes of the Hills of Bergamo where “one may observe the wonderful geometry of tillage crops grazing the soil, their dramatic colours adding to the scene”. (prof. Lelio Pagani). All this to tempt passers by to spend time in the famous square which has become a garden, “the Green Square”, a meeting point for all to highlight the events which are happening in the beautiful Teatro Sociale and in some of the most attractive locations in the Upper Town where internationally famous landscape architects tell of their work and experiences with gardens and the environment.

Lucia Nusiner (IT)

Lucia Nusiner (IT)

Progetto illuminazione
Maurizio Quargnale (IT)

Maurizio Quargnale (IT)

Sketch of Piazza Vecchia
©Katuscia Ratto

Number speak

· One hundred and eighty thousand visitors
· Green Squares in Piazza Vecchia
· 9 events
· More of 1,500 tickets issued
· 54 national and international partner companies
· 17 internationally renowned landscape architects from around the world as speaker

Green Square 2012

Gallery 2012

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