2011·Paesaggio coltivato
2-11 September

Focus 2011

Il paesaggio coltivato

The first edition of I Maestri del Paesaggio is dedicated to the profound relationship between wine production and landscape design.
Città Alta – like the cultivation of the grapevine – is an example of the unlimited capacity of man to qualitatively transform the territory: in the first case through the geometry of stones, in the second through the geometry of agriculture.

International Meeting

At the heart of the event is the International Meeting at the Teatro Sociale (3rd and 4th of September), a unique opportunity to hear and meet personalities from the world of landscape design discussing the landscape, gardens.

Lodewijk Baljon (NL)

Lodewijk Baljon (NL)

Emanuele Bortolotti (IT)

Emanuele Bortolotti (IT)

Peter  Fink (GB)

Peter  Fink (GB)

Luciano Giubbilei (GB)

Luciano Giubbilei (GB)

Andreas  Kipar (IT)

Andreas  Kipar (IT)

Charlotte Rowe (GB)

Charlotte Rowe (GB)

Rainer Schmidt (DE)

Rainer Schmidt (DE)

Andy Sturgeon (GB)

Andy Sturgeon (GB)

Daniel Visini (DE)

Daniel Visini (DE)

Cleve West (GB)

Cleve West (GB)

Franco Zagari (GB)

Franco Zagari (GB)

Green Square

The setup of Piazza Vecchia, where the perimeter is characterized by a formal design, creates rooms that open and close. Inside there is a birch grove with a thick undergrowth of plants, contrasted by box bushes trimmed into spheres. There are long flower beds of blooming herbaceous perennials within wooden enclosures, and these give the impression of a flowering meadow. Complementing this is a lawn to stroll or rest on.

Project by: Lucia Nusiner e Katuscia Ratto

project by
Lucia Nusiner (IT)

Lucia Nusiner (IT)

project by
Katuscia  Ratto (IT)

Katuscia  Ratto (IT)

Progetto illuminazione
Maurizio Quargnale (IT)

Maurizio Quargnale (IT)

Sketch of Piazza Vecchia
©Katuscia Ratto

Number speak

· One hundred and fifty thousand visitors
· Green Squares in Piazza Vecchia
· 5 events
· More of 1,000 tickets issued
· 36 national and international partner companies
· 15 internationally renowned landscape architects from around the world as speaker

Green Square 2011

Gallery 2011

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