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Villa Vitalba Lurani Cernuschi
17-19 September


17 - 19 - September


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Almenno San Salvatore (BG)

I Maestri del Paesaggio discovers the Villa Vitalba Lurani Cernuschi in Almenno San Salvatore. It will be possible to visit and explore the villa following the explanations of the interiors of the ground and upper floors, the park and the church of the former Augustinian convent.


By Tosca Rossi

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On the Umbriana Hill, on the borders of the ancient nucleus of Almenno San Salvatore, one can see the Convent of San Nicola and the Villa Vitalba Lurani Cernuschi surrounded by antique vineyards. The Convent of San Nicola was built at the end of the Fifteenth Century. The project was transformed into the construction of a church and a convent dedicated to Santa Maria della Consolazione, built between 1488 and 1518. The church houses a rare Sixteenth-Century organ (1588); built by the Antegnati, it is still used for concerts and shows. In the second half of the Eighteenth Century, the noble Paolo Defendo Vitalba became the owner of the convent, the surrounding land and the villa, which in 1830 was renovated by the architect Giacomo Bianconi. The ownership of the villa passed by inheritance to the Barca family and in the second half of the 1800’s to the family of the Lurani Cernuschi Counts. The asymmetric building with a wide tripartite façade faces the park, which is enriched by statues attributed to the sculptor Pirovano. Some of the rooms in the eastern wing have walls with a richly decorated band near the ceiling. Particularly interesting is a room with walls and ceilings decorated with landscapes and exotic animals painted by Quirino Salvatoni.


Monday 17th September 
guided tours at 2.30 and 4.30pm

Tuesday 18th September
guided tours at 2.30 and 4.30pm;  

Wednesday 19th September
guided tours at 2.30 and 4.30pm

Thursday 20th September
guided tours at 2.30 and 4.30pm

At Villa Vitalba Lurani Cernuschi:
Via Convento, 3 - Almenno San Salvatore (BG)

Villa Vitalba Lurani Cernuschi


Adults: € 16,00
Children 6-14 years: € 11,00
Children under 6 years: free
Disabled: free (only the church and the ground floor of the villa are accessible)

The visit lasts about two hours. Groups can be of a maximum of 30 people.

Event with compulsory prior reservation: terredibergamo@gmail.com

Tosca Rossi

Tosca Rossi

Art historian and researcher, guide and tourist guide