Guided tours
15·22 September


15 - 22 - September


15.00 pm


Start from Piazzale Brigata Legnano alla Rocca - Bergamo Alta

Tours specifically designed to discover the “green treasure” of Città Alta, recounted by the knowledgeable Guide Turistiche della Città Di Bergamo. Two tours carried out on four different days.

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Office of the Guide Turistiche della Città Di Bergamo: 
Cell. 328 6123502

COSTI: Euro 7,00 each person, free for children. No booking required.

The visit will last about 2 hours.

The walk will begin at “Parco delle Rimembranze”, the remembrance park on the hill of Saint Euphemia, a splendid garden with plants and flowers also chosen for their symbolic value, considering that the park hosts commemorative stones and monuments dedicated to the various army corps. From here you can enjoy the widest panorama on the town, the valleys and the surrounding mountains.
From the park we will reach the convent of Saint Francis climbing down the “staircase of the condemned”, carried out during the Austrian domination to transfer the convicts from the Convent, where they stood trials, to “La Rocca” Fortress, where the death sentences were executed by fire-squad.
The convent of S. Francesco, whose origins date back to the 13th century, underwent various enlargement interventions and numerous transformations over the centuries. We will visit the two surviving cloisters: the major cloister, called "the cloister of the arks" because it was used as a cemetery in the 14th century, and “the cloister of the well", so called because of the capacious cistern at its centre. Smaller than the previous one, it overlooks the terrace that has replaced a former third cloister, offering the view of the north-eastern part of the lower town surrounded by
its mountain chain.