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Camozzi Vertova castle
18-20 September


18 - 20 - September


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Costa di Mezzate (BG)

Guided tour to discover the ancient Camozzi Vertova Castle of Costa di Mezzate. It will be possible to visit and explore the castle following the explanations of the interiors of the main floor and lower floors of the ancient medieval manor and its Italian gardens. Care of Tosca Rossi


By Tosca Rossi

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The castle, born as a defence fortification, has ancient origins. Its structure bears witness to its early medieval origins, placing it among the oldest preserved castles in Lombardy. In the Twelfth Century, Alberto of the Albertonis de Capitaneis de Vertua became its proprietor. In medieval times the Castle was a strong bulwark of defence against the troupes of Duke Filippo Maria Visconti. In the following centuries, the castle adapted itself to the new Renaissance taste, transforming itself into an elegant residence. Despite this transformation, its events remained closely linked to Italian history, as evidenced by the documents contained in its archives and the visits of illustrious figures such as Margherita di Savoia, Queen of Italy, and St Carlo Borromeo. The last male descendant of the Vertova Counts died in the first half of 1800’s; their lineage continued with the Countess Elisabetta Camozzi de Gherardi Vertova. Currently owned by Countess Maria Edvige Palma Camozzi de Gherardi Vertova, the castle with its ancient towers, frescoed rooms, works of art and the Italian-style garden, represents a remarkable historical and artistic heritage.


Tuesday 18th September
guided tours at 2.30 and 4.30pm

Thursday 20th September
guided tours at 2.30 and 4.30pm

At Camozzi Vertova Castle:
Viale Al Castello, 16 - Costa di Mezzate (BG)

Car parking facilities at Cascina Fui

Italian-style garden of the Camozzi Vertova Castle


Adults: € 23.00
Children 6-14 years: € 13.00
Children under 6 years: free
Disabled: not accessible

The visit lasts about two hours. Groups can be of a maximum of 20 people.

Event with compulsory prior reservation: terredibergamo@gmail.com

Tosca Rossi

Tosca Rossi

Art historian, researcher and tourist guide