Plant Zone in Borgo S. Leonardo
6·23 September


6> 23   September


All day long


Borgo San Leonardo - Bergamo Bassa

Borgo San Leonardo has chosen a very special place for its I Maestri del Paesaggio 2018 Plant Zone: 5 Vie.
This place is the symbol par excellence of Borgo San Leonardo, with its characteristic background of a much-loved historical building – a house with a portico which has been, for many years, the logo of the neighbourhood.

Borgo San Leonardo

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...give voice and space to the infinitely small...

To temporarily modify a space means to change the way it is perceived. Inserting the "green" element leads to imagining these city-spaces in different contemporary roles and in other possible transformations. "Greenery helps to solve the problem" (Ugo La Pietra), and in a provocative way, helps to achieve the aim of freely rethinking the consolidated use of urban space, and even takes the imagination a step further.

Today, spontaneous vegetation or "vagabond grasses" that imperturbably colonize our cities, have assumed a tremendous value notwithstanding the health status of biodiversity in urban areas, but are also a metaphor of nature's resilience.

Studying and imitating this association in the design of contemporary green spaces is no longer just a question of aesthetics: we have learned to appreciate the beauty of the Third Landscape, we have now to humbly learn to plan together with nature!

During the last weekend of the Event, on September 21st, 22nd and 23rd, more Plant Zones will spring up along via Moroni, via San Bernardino and via San Lazzaro, colonizing car-parking areas. These will be Planting Parking Days during the Sustainable Mobility Week.

On Saturday 22nd September, in the afternoon, FAB (Flora Alpina Bergamasca group) will release the publication “Flora Spontanea della Città di Bergamo”. The spontaneous flowers of our city will then be interpreted by American artist Mona Caron on Borgo San Leonardo’s old house with the portico.


Projected by Ivana Lacagnina with architects collegues Manuela Biffi and Patrizia Berera

In collaboration with
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