Plant Zone in Borgo Palazzo
6·23 September


6> 23   September


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Via Borgo Palazzo - Bergamo Bassa

The green contamination of I Maestri del Paesaggio creates the Plant Zones, inspired by the Green Square in Piazza Vecchia. For the second consecutive year Borgo Palazzo dresses in green to create little corners of observation and relaxation thanks to the associazione Botteghe di Borgo Palazzo.

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"Oasi" in Piazza Rossa

«Oasis is a human settlement that uses locally available resources to create an amplification of positive effects and determine a vital self-sustainable niche and a fertile environment in contrast to the unfavourable surroundings».
The aim is that of intensifying urban greenery to counter the damage of urbanization, by creating convivial zones using recycled materials, but nevertheless bringing about the upgrading of the area.

Project by Patrizia Marchesi and Arianna Mora

Morla Bridge

An invasion of colors along the Morla Brigde will accompany passers during the crossing.
Planters full of plants and fragrant flowers that give to body and mind a relaxing moment.

Project by Patrizia Marchesi and Arianna Mora

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Piazza S. Anna

Borgo Palazzo winds its way from via Pignolo, leading the way towards the territorial margins of the city, a street on which it is possible to read the evolution and the expansion of the city of Bergamo. The Plant Zone is located in Piazza Sant'Anna, a central place in the life of the village which overlooks the Church and the Parish Oratory.

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6ab architects&co

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Gloria Piccolo, Ivanoe Rapanà, Paolo Cassotti, Massimo Rapanà.