Plant Zone at Borgo S. Caterina
6·23 September


6> 23   September


All day long


Via Borgo Santa Caterina - Bergamo Bassa

Borgo Santa Caterina is one of the most dynamic and fascinating places outside the old city walls, and houses the more important academies, museums and art galleries in the city. The presence of shops and the numerous artisan activities, locales for entertainment and venues to enjoy nightlife, make it a neighbourhood with a Bohemian flavour.

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Plant Zones are located in front of the Centro Culturale del Borgo and at the Church.
They are designed as carpets spread over the urban spaces and transformed by solids that, when grafted together, form seats that can change shape. A part of the deck will always be free for activities organized during the Event and a vertical screen will serve for communication and as a scenic backdrop.

Spaces taken away from the seating area will be used for plants.

These are places stolen from the routine of everyday life, places redesigned in their function, places transformed architecturally to welcome visitors, tourists, passers-by, and the curious.

Program of events

Saturday 15th September

From 10.30am to 11.30am Circolo culturale Minardi
Flowers, flowers, flowers of... paper - Plant Zone Centro Polivalente

From 5.30pm to 9pm Musica in Borgo 
Joud and Dahario, electric bass and keyboard- Plant Zone Santuario

Thursday 20th  September

From 6pm to 7pm Il Circolo dei Narratori
Man and Nature - Plant Zone Santuario

Saturday 22nd September

From 4pm to 6pm Gruppo Scuola Insieme
Seeds laboratory for Kids from 3 years old onwards - Plant Zone Centro Polivalente

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6ab architects&co

6ab architects&co 

Gloria Piccolo, Ivanoe Rapanà, Paolo Cassotti, Massimo Rapanà.

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