Plant Zone CCIAA for Largo Rezzara
6·23 September


6> 23   September


All day long


Largo Nicolò Rezzara - Bergamo Bassa

The green contamination of I Maestri del Paesaggio creates the Plant Zone settings, inspired by the Green Square in Piazza Vecchia.

The Plant Zone: "The young colours of joy"
A crossroads, many young people and the desire to meet. We have carved out small spaces to fulfill the desire to be together. A young, colourful and unconventional desire that characterizes the project, created by Togni Giardini, designed by landscape designer Lucia Nusiner for the Camera di Commercio di Bergamo (the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce).

The Camera di Commercio di Bergamo promotes the Event in Bergamo Bassa as well.
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The small surfaces are characterized by a parklet, a rectangular space, partially confined by planters and wooden seats which line the streets 'stealing' parts of parking space, to make more liveable the sidewalks and urban areas that do not have greenery in the vicinity. The concept was proposed for the first time in San Francisco in 2010.

Parklet in San Francisco

There are also hammocks hanging from a structure created using innocent-looking pipes, coloured in the same bright hues as the hammocks. The same colours are found on the tables by Pedrali that are placed along the roadside, shaded by oaks (Quercus phellus) provided by Coplant Vivai, contained in planters built with pallets. These pallets form unconventional sofas that create a seating area.

Large Fertil big-bags, normally used to transport soil, are filled with herbaceous plants and grasses, as a sign of joyful and simple festivity made with poor materials.

Each element has been proposed and designed with a useful purpose: a project that is easily and quickly constructible and transportable for crisis areas: refugee or first aid camps, which then become permanent for years: small signs of joy and green wellness to help difficult lives.

Program of events

- Saturday 8th September Giulio Mastropietro, human jukeboxes with guitar
- Sunday 9th September Francesco Facoetti, Hand Pan
- Friday14th September Elianto, music and street cabaret 
- Saturday 15th September Jonathan Locatelli, acoustic songwriter
- Sunday 16th September Francesco Quadri, caricatures
- Sunday 16th September School Addiction, dance school 5/8 elements
- Friday 21st September Michela Podera Trio, classic music
- Saturday 22nd September Jingles in Trouble, itinerant melodic group
- Sunday 23rd September School Addiction, dance school 5/8 elements

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