Green Square in Piazza Vecchia
6·23 September


6> 23   September


All day long


Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo Alta

For the Eighth Edition of the Green Square, Piazza Vecchia will be transformed into an extraordinary garden.
The protagonist is Piet Oudolf, internationally recognized as the Master of plant design and pioneer of the New Perennial movement, which prefers the use of flowers and perennials in gardening.

The less said now, the more of Green Square 2018 is there to discover!

> Discover here the plants used fot the Green Square 2018

> Find out who contributed towards the realization of the 2018 Edition


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Oudolf’s landscapes, expertly composed, evoke the history of the place, celebrating the aesthetics of the plant world and inviting the visitor to stop, observe, and reflect. This profound connoisseur of plant behaviour designs landscapes by combining different species of plants and enhancing their specific metamorphoses through the seasons: before, during and after the flowering period.

The installation will be enriched by the lighting project designed by Maurizio Quargnale and Diego Ardizzone, with Lucia Nusiner as coordinator.

Partners and suppliers for the setup


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Suppliers for the setup


Green Square and then .. Parco Casarico

Designed by landscape architects Atelier De Molfetta Strode of Lugano, Parco Casarico will develop over four hectares within the new residential district of about one hundred apartments which is to come up in Sorengo (Lugano).
Located on a hillside next to the protected naturalistic area of the Muzzano Lake, it will offer a continuous ecological permeability between the buildings and the surrounding natural systems.
With over three hundred new trees, the result will be a harmonious overlap of vegetation and topography that will allow active living in the park and a dynamic perception of the surrounding landscape.
The design of Parco Casarico has been conceived from the outset as a truly eco-sustainable neighbourhood, with particular attention to the integrated management of services, the responsible use of natural resources and the reduced maintenance of the park itself.

A sustainable vision

In keeping with the principle of sustainability, the opportunity was taken to reutilise the plants used for the preparation of the Green Square, integrating them in the mixture of plants planned for Parco Casarico in Lugano.
Approximately 10,000 pots will be planted in full soil with enough space to develop fully over the years.
The careful study of the specific conditions of the site allowed the Atelier De Molfetta Strode to guarantee a healthy life to the recovered plants and to integrate them into the new mixed border, where irrigation will be reduced to a minimum and only one trimming will be given annually. By the end of September 2018, the plants coming from the exhibition will be transported and stored directly on site in Lugano; they will be planted in the spring of 2019, when the Parco Casarico construction is reaching completion.