Ho da dirvi niente
16-22 September


16 - 22 - September


From 7 pm


Piazzale della Fara - Bergamo Alta

TNB Teatro Nuovo Bergamo, under the artistic direction of Luca Andreini, tells the story of a witch in a traveling theater. Transported during an hour of performance to a secret place in the Parco dei Colli. The action has been designed in all its details for the direct involvement of the public and to study how far the human can directly arrive. To make you believe that all this is true.

Ho da dirvi niente_logo TNB

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TNB The Teatro Nuovo Bergamo, which does professional productions, is an academy of scenic forms as well as theatre company, founded between the years 2011/2012 by Luca Andreini. It is one of Bergamo’s youngest independent theatre companies with such a wide exposure to the public. TNB is a project that realizes scenic forms giving life to a language that starts from prose and comes together with dance, with the actor and his instrument – whatever it might be – with music as an ornament and singing in theatres and abandoned places or masters of magic for the beautiful, the classic and the civil. Reality of innovation and cultural communication: anyone can generate cultural innovation and change as long as it is able to create and disseminate goods and services that are useful, sustainable, replicable and able to produce an important impact in the ways of doing, thinking, living and sharing culture and enhancing the historical-artistic heritage.

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Entrance: € 15.00.

More information will be given to the public through the appropriate communication channels.