Cool shows
in beautifull parts of the city

#Green Show

The arts of dance, music and lighting will come together in Bergamo from the 6th to the 23rd of September and blend with the Cool Landscape of I Maestri del Paesaggio, embracing and stupefying spectators.

7-8-9 September

Rastelli Festival

The Rastelli Festival, now in its third edition, will come together with I Maestri del Paesaggio for the first time. ...
13-14-15 September

Energy in the clouds. ABenergie show

ABenergie invites you to the event “Energy in the clouds. An aerial dance show sponsored by ABenergie”, which is going to be held from Thursday ...
16-22 September

Ho da dirvi niente

TNB Teatro Nuovo Bergamo, under the artistic direction of Luca Andreini, tells the story of a witch in a traveling theater. ...
22 September

Dance Show Color Est

Colors bring out a person’s vivacity and magically transform the world; this is what gives color its revolutionary potential. ...