Green Book
8-9-22-23 September


8 - 9 - 22 - 23 - September


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Sala di Porta Sant'Agostino - Bergamo Alta

GreenBook comes back to I Maestri del Paesaggio.
The aim is to highlight the themes of green, of the garden, of sustainability, of the landscape, giving voice to books and their authors.
The Italian publishing sector will innovatively encourage reading through public meetings with authors, as the Parolario Association has been doing for the past eighteen years in Como.



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8th September 11.30 am

Landscapes of medieval Italy
Riccardo Rao talks with Alfredo Tomasetta

From the fall of the Western Roman Empire, through the age of urban communes, to the last centuries of the Middle Ages, marked by the demographic decline due to the Black Death, when new hierarchies and cultures came into being: along a millenary path of change a new face is given  to the towns and countrysides of the Peninsula.

9th September 5.30 am

A piece of land all for me
Lorenza Zambon

At the top of a hill in Monferrato is the piece of land where, one fine day, Lorenza Zambon arrived with a small group of artists, "looking for a house and a theatre". The house was there, though dilapidated; the trees were almost a hundred years old, but in decades of neglect, everything had been invaded and covered with a tangle of vegetation. The theatre took shape in that void; the piece of land became, as Hermann Hesse would have said, a creation. A garden.

22nd September 5.30 pm

Socrates in the Garden
Andrée Bella talks with Alfredo Tomasetta

Philosophy as self-care, as an exercise to live better, to transform ourselves and the places in which we live, which are part of us: therefore not a speculative, abstract and distant philosophy, but the search for immanent wisdom and happiness.

23rd September 5.30 am

Gardens of wisdom in the East
by Yolaine Escande, presented by Afredo Tomasetta, Darko Pandakovic and Ken Tani

Spaces of gathering and meditation, places of culture of the self and of openness to the world, the oriental gardens of China and Japan are par excellence places of wisdom. Just as wisdom is described as the making of a pathway, the garden is a physical, sensory and spiritual journey that allows for contemplation and movement, guiding man towards the inner condition of detachment.

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