OBI: perennial atmospheres
6-23 September


6> 23   September


From 10 am to 10 pm (Friday and Saturday until 11 pm)


Piazza Lorenzo Mascheroni - Bergamo Alta

This year too OBI presents its Green Design in Piazza Mascheroni with a project created by Evelin Pattè (layout design), Roberto di Fronzo (Product Manager - Garden Construction), Daniele Spalla (Product Manager - Garden Furniture) and Giulio Galli (Category Consultant - Garden Department).

Cover page – Green Design 2017.


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The Obi project for Piazza Mascheroni follows a path of natural inspiration that winds through the vegetation to reach a central fulcrum.
Crossing the project area, the route is characterized by an entrance on tiptoe along the main artery connecting Piazza Vecchia and by paved secondary entrances.
The nature all around gradually becomes more and more spontaneous and lush, characterized by the use of perennials, mostly grasses and very rustic and adaptable cosmopolitan plants.

Along the path, the visitor will be able to discover and experience four islands, which have been designed as secret areas and, hence, each made with a different flooring material. These emphasize the different functions of rest and relaxation.

The three entrances lead to the central junction, which has been characterized by the use of a pergola and functions as a place that unites the various experiences; a hub that leads out to the islands of relaxation and contemplation where one can pause, rest and read a book.
Water is one of the elements present, in an artificial pool, bordered by plants which give it an irregular shape. This is symbol of the spontaneity of nature, as opposed to the straightness of the path. Moving away from the central core, one walks into a more casual and spontaneous, but nevertheless harmonious, vegetation.
The entire framework, with the water and the vegetation, works towards giving moments of peace and serenity to the visitor.