The seed of care
23 September


23 - September


From 9 am to 12 noon


Sala didattica del Podestà, Museo Storico dell’Età Veneta – Bergamo Alta

From nature to people, from art to science, everything is impregnated with care and from it comes the ideal that everything we care can grow and heal. But what does it really mean to care? Is the care natural or is it learned? What are the flowers and fruits of care? How to deal with fatigue and how to prevent burn out? 


All the #Educational initiatives are coordinated by Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute.

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Care shows itself, from its imaginary roots, an incredibly multifaceted object, rich in interpretations, a bearer of contradictions and conflicts. You are invited to a journey made of stimuli and thoughts that will lead you to be more aware of the care you take into your family life. The care has knocked at your door and it is rooted in your daily life. Care is present, and you?

Cristina Cortesi

Cristina Cortesi

Philosopher and “maintainer of relations”. Creator of the Social Unit project and expert in training with active methods. ...

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