Put flowers in your cannons
16 September


16 - September


From 10 am to 12 noon


Sala dei Giuristi, Piazza Vecchia - Bergamo Alta

Put flowers in your cannons. Cultivate serenity in the family.

Parents are often at war with their children. The family becomes a theater of conflict and tension charges acts, words, daily gestures. How can we do to evoid family relationships wither? How to feed dialogue and exchange? How to increase the ability to produce a positive and peaceful climate?

The trainers Massimo Galli and Cristina Cortesi invite you to a meeting on HOW TO MANAGE THE ANGER AND THE PARENTAL STRESS, TRANSFORMING THEM IN GROWTH OCCASIONS FOR THEMLEVES AND THEIR CHILDREN. We will learn strategies to recognize "strong" emotions, the nature of conflicts and provocations, to create new family balances.

All the #Educational initiatives - conferences, debates, workshops with superstars and landscape companies - are coordinated by Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute.

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Cristina Cortesi

Cristina Cortesi

Massimo Silvano Galli

Massimo Silvano Galli

Cristina Cortesi
Philosopher and “maintainer of relations”. Creator of the Social Unit project (consultancy, training and coaching) and expert in training with active methods.  Expert in CARE issues (term understood as "I care, I'm interested in, counts for me") in care work (family and professional) and in Work Life Balance. Committed in Ageism and promoter of positive aging. She carries on practices and approaches related to the science of happiness and the pedagogy of joy.

Massimo Silvano Galli
Experimenter of languages ​​and imagination, director of "LogoPaideia - Therapies of Language and Relations". He is involved in the study and research of innovative approaches to wellness, anticipating the landscapes of Creation through those areas of the human adventure that look to the Care, to the Art and to the Communication. University teacher and trainer for the professions of help, Therapist and writer of essays and fiction.

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