Intensive course
Garden and Open-space Design
25·30 March


25 - 30 - March



University of Bergamo - Bergamo Alta

The best experts in every discipline

This course is designed as the first part of a professional training designed to provide participants with the cultural, technical and methodological tools necessary for the design of open spaces in an urban context, both public and private. Of particular concern will be the design of contemporary gardens, conceived as places of experimentation and research for innovative solutions: in the areas of eco-design planting, cultivation and maintenance techniques, water sensitive devices, materials used and a renewed aesthetic and figurative vocabulary. All of this under the able guidance of international teachers and/or professionals, experts in their individual disciplines.

Coordinated by Bergamo Landscape and Garden Institute.

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COST: € 768,60 (€ 630 + 22% vat)

PAYMENT TO: IBAN IT02O0326711100000000000962

PARTICIPANTS: Professionals and graduates of any discipline (minimum 25 participants)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 28th February 2019


Download the brochure with the programme of the course

Vera Enzi  (AT)

Vera Enzi (AT)

Green walls



Agata Buscemi (ES)

Agata Buscemi (ES)

Coordination of construction site activities



Lodewijk Baljon (NL)

Lodewijk Baljon (NL)

Landscape Architecture in inner cities, business parks and infrastructure

Studio Carve  (NL)

Studio Carve (NL) 


The teachers

Dusty Gedge, UK
Current President of the European Federation of Green roof and wall associations Dusty Gedge has been involved with developing, designing and implementing green roofs whilst also writing policy initiatives in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Vera Enzi, AT
Vera holds an MSc in Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture. She used to work in urban green infrastructure research and teaching at the University of Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU). As spokeswoman, she represents the European Federation and Austrian Association of Green Roofs and Walls and initiated and current works at GRÜNSTATTGRAU, the Austrian Competence Centre and Network for Green Buildings. She is an international expert in nature-based solutions and green infrastructure such as green roofs, outdoor and indoor green walls, rain gardens and permeable paving.

Davide Caspani, DE
Senior Landscape Architect of RAMBOLL STUDIO DREISEITL, from 2015, involved in many cutting edge projects in Germany and international collaborations. With a background in environmental architecture, his academic experience in the Netherlands has shaped his understanding of the natural and built environment in a remarkable way, working on projects with different level of complexity, from the urban scale to regional planning.

Agata Buscemi, ES
After a brief professional experience in Italy, in 2002, Agata moved to Barcelona and started her professional experience with Jordi Bellmunt, as a partner of B2B Arquitectes s.l.p. Agata is also a professor at the Master’s Program in Landscape Architecture (MAP-UBC) and at the University Master’s Program of Landscape (MUP-ETSAB) in Barcelona, Spain, since 2003 and 2008, respectively. Member of the scientific committee of “100 mila giardini” (Catania, Italia, 2009); Director of the monographs “Monograficos del Paisaje” edited by Asflor (Barcelona, Spain, since 2010); Collaborate with the review Paysage (Italy, since 2008).

Lodewijk Baljon, NL
Lodewijk Baljon (MLA and PhD - Wageningen University) works, with his Amsterdam based firm LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects, on projects ranging from landscape architecture to urban design, in Europe, South Korea and India. He received prizes such as: ASLA Award, Dutch Public Space Prize, Dutch Design Award, and German Design Prize Lamp Lighting Solutions Award. His dissertation focused on contemporary approaches in Park Design. He has taught at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.

Elger Blitz, NL
Elger Blitz is founder, and senior designer at Carve. He accidentally got involved into designing playgrounds in the early nineties. He has more than 15 years of experience in relevant projects in public space. His cross disciplinary and renewing approach on designing for children and youngsters has proved to anticipate to actual demands and trends. He handles design tasks in a very integral manner, switching easily between different scale levels and disciplines. His unconventional approach and distinctive ideas on designing for kids and teenagers makes him a guest lecturer at different universities in the Netherlands and abroad.