Bergamo · Italy

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Platek: deep roots in Group Donati

The company was established in 1 January, 2015, but Plateksrl  came into being as a division of the Donati Group 15 years ago, starting with the production of aluminium plates for switchers and power points. During these 15 years, Platek faced a continuous evolutionary process, starting with the production of lanterns for outdoor and indoor lighting and increasingly making inroads into lighting and the lighting design field by means of every type of lighting system.

Flexibility of design, high formal qualification of the products, the on-going commitment for excellence of service and respect of the environment are elements that define PLATEK’s production and operation.

Platek: work together today to build tomorrow

Platek designs space and creates scenery by using the talent of its employees and developing valuable partnership with designers, with whom the company loves to work: collaboration is a distinctive feature has accompanyiedPlatek from the beginning.

Created inside an important Group where its first steps began, growing and gaining a  reputation for the quality of its products, today Platek expresses its value by supporting architects and designers, including planning requirements, to shape a future in which light plays an increasingly central role. 

Platek: a future of light

In the arts, architecture is definitely the one which has a greater responsibility towards Beauty. When Platek works on a project, whether it’s architecture or interior design, it is always turned Beauty: a clever use of light gives way only to silence and ecstasy, exalting forms, volumes and colours. 

Platek would like to design and produce increasingly more technologically advanced solutions, tools and systems for indoor and outdoor lighting and for street furniture, with maximum attention for the environment, intelligent solutions and public responsiveness which would take everyone’s breath away.