Bergamo · Italy

Main Partner

Colman Luca

“We’ve been designing and creating illuminating thoughts for more than 30 years.”
Colman Luca S.r.l. has been a leader in the market for more than 30 years, offering advisory services and designing and building electrical systems.
In the last few years, the company focused its attention to the public lighting sector.
Colman Luca S.r.l. is constantly looking for innovation to improve the energy efficiency by redeveloping public lighting systems; the company also boasts a skilled energy manager in its team.
Colman Luca S.r.l. creates also domestic and industrial wiring, building systems of home automation, break-in alarms and video-surveillance.
Colman Luca S.r.l.’s staff is highly expert, prepared to meet the specific demands of its clientele; the company is always evolving, keeping up with the market needs.

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