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Piazza Vecchia

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Piazza Vecchia

Piazza Vecchia becomes a place of confrontation where visitors rediscover, with their body and their senses, their deep need for nature. With the meeting of five wild landscapes –wildurban, alluvial, sub-mountain, mountain and Alpine –the Piazza welcomes nature amidst history and architecture.

The walkway is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday).

Places of dialogue and conviviality alternate with wild and unspoiled areas. It is often believed that the art of gardens contrasts with the landscape, but this not true. The former needs the latter, while the latter enriches the former. This applies to Piazza Vecchia too, where the nature of the Parco deiColli and the Alpine landscapes and sub-Alpine valleys, the green oases that surround Bergamo, create geometric aura, within the monumental space of Piazza Vecchia, itself rich in historical presences

Summer School 2015 project

Very naturally there are thematic comparisons, such as the natural waters of the alluvial landscape represented near the Contarini Fountain, or the natural landscape of alpine rocks is in contrast to the sophistication of the history of design of the Palazzo dellaRagione. Amidst all of this, the biodiversity of the Orobic Alps peeps out from beneath the undulating walkway. This, then, is Piazza Vecchia: the scenario and choreography that brings together people with nature.

Sketch of Piazza Vecchia 2016

Stefan  Tischer

Stefan  Tischer

Landscape architect of German origin with much experience in designing, teaching and research in landscape architecture and urban design.

Stefan Tischer Landscape Architect

Lucia Nusiner

Lucia Nusiner

Lucia Nusiner is an Agronomist landscaper. She designs private gardens, natural swimming pools and public green areas.

Studio GPT

Maurizio Quargnale

Maurizio Quargnale

Maurizio Quargnale designs various aspects of lighting using high-gamma technology, which he either buys or designs as per the needs of his projects.

Maurizio Quargnale

Gianluca Pesenti

Gianluca Pesenti

An engineer, he collaborates with production companies in the production of roofing and timber structures calculating, designing and studying specific insulation packages.




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