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Piazza Mascheroni

Clubino Square

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Piazza Mascheroni

The makeover of Piazza Mascheroni (Title Partner Banca Popolare di Bergamo) was inspired by the students of the 2015 Edition of the Summer School led by Annacaterina Piras.

Reworked by Arketipos, it is aimed to lead children of all ages to the Wild Landscape. Visitors to this temporary adventure park will find themselves in the midst of instruments of adventure – platforms, ropes and hanging bridges.


The main entrance to Bergamo Alta, Piazza Mascheroni, becomes a symbol of re-connection with the local landscape, the expression of a deep need to rediscover the wild.
Being, by character, a square divided in two parts, each part will serve a separate function. The southern part will host a lounge and meeting area, while the northern part will become an adventure park.
The lounge area will host a wooden information point with tables and chairs sponsored by AssociazioneSetteTerre (small local producers of fine quality wine).


Sketch of Clubino Square

The park area is the part for wild living and playing. Four platforms which support ropes, hanging bridges and mesh walkways, with two ladders and two climbing nets to access the suspended platforms.
The ground surface will be covered with long-grass false turf. Anti-trauma mattresses will be placed in the drop-down areas. A light mesh will hang from the tree-tops; drooping vegetation, pots with shrubs and grasses of different heights complete the picture of this very special “wild corner”. At the entrance to this area there will be a small dome made of growing willow stalks, lighted from within.
The entire project is sponsored by the Banca Popolare di Bergamo, a Leader Partner of the Event.

Annacaterina Piras

Annacaterina Piras

Landscape architect and co-founder (along with Stefan Tischer international research program LandWorks- Sardinia.) 

LandWorks- Sardinia

Lucia  Nusiner

Lucia  Nusiner

Lucia Nusiner is an Agronomist landscaper. She designs private gardens, natural swimming pools and public green areas.

Studio GPT

Maurizio Quargnale

Maurizio Quargnale

Maurizio Quargnale designs various aspects of lighting using high-gamma technology, which he either buys or designs as per the needs of his projects.

Maurizio Quargnale



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