L'arte dello spettacolo
nella natura

#Green Show

The arts of dance, music, lighting and theatre will come together in Bergamo from the 7th to the 25th of September and blend with the natural beauty of the wild landscape of I Maestri del Paesaggio, embracing and stupefying spectators.

13 September

Paesaggio e "Io, Arlecchino"

The event will be presented by Professor Darko Pandakovic and will be followed by a debate, in which the director Marco Bini will participate. ...
16 September

Concert in Piazza

The Youth Orchestra project SMIM of Bergamo and its province was founded by the UST and an agreement according to which, in the current school ...
24 September

Ceci n’est pas un jardin

“Fleeting and hidden presences lurk in the silence of the Wild Landscape of the Piazza Vecchia, an echo of spirits calling out to people from the ...

Clay Paky: Città Alta by Light

Clay Paky, leading manufacturer of automated projectors that bring the magic of light to the biggest television shows, theatrical performances and public events of the world, offers a variety of scenic lighting installations in the centre of Bergamo Alta. The evocative power of light, images and music tell of the beauty of wild nature by immersing spectators in a magic and dream-like dimension. Just as light is the source of life energy that underlies every part of creation and of life, so too in these luminous scenes light is the fundamental element that gives life to emotions, accompanied by music and enchanting images. The installations are located in different parts of the old town and exalt, by means of light, the beautiful existing architecture, following a spectacular cultural route. The project is designed by Sebastiano Romano.