Osserva e scatta

#Green Eye

19 days to capture the perfect shot of the setups and have a green look at the exhibitions organized on the occasion of I Maestri del Paesaggio.

7 > 25 September 2016

Clay Paky: MoMS exhibition

In addition to special lighting effects, Clay Paky, for its fortieth anniversary, proposes two other initiatives that promote the “culture of ...
7 > 25 Settembre 2016

Accademia della Guardia di Finanza POINT

The Guardia di Finanza Academy, a Military Institute of University-level education, has the duty to impart the high ethical standards of the ...
7 > 25 September 2016

Street Gallery

63 panels representing the spontaneous Bergamasco flora will be on display in shop windows across Bergamo Alta. ...
10 > 25 September

Tasting the landscape

This year too, the collaboration between I Maestri del Paesaggioand AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture), this time with IFLA ...
19 September

Orti botanici, eccellenze italiane

By Marina Clauser and Pietro Pavone. Edizioni Thema, 2016. Gabriele Rinaldi, co-author of the book and Director of the Orto Botanico di Bergamo, ...