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Il legno dalla natura alle cose

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7> 25   settembre From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Ex Ateneo di Piazza Reginaldo Giuliani

The wood from Nature to Things is an event promoted and conceived by The Carpenter Museum Foundation Tino Sana aiming to spread culture, uses and passion towards the wood.
“Evoluzioni Indigene” project, “Isole Indigene” and “Ovoteche” collateral are designed by Alberto Basaglia Natalia Rota Nodari Architetti Associati

28 local companies, national excellence in wood manufacturing, tell about their love stories with wood

" As long as men, in earlier ages, had no concept of objective reality and believed that the physical nature was adjusted by arbitrariness of unknown demons, neither thought nor knowledge or production were allowed. Only when men discovered that nature was a predictably absolute standstill, they were able to rely on their knowledge, to choose their life, designing their future and, gradually, rising from the cave.


Based on ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand

Nature is wild, space is wrapped in wooden strips, the world is collected in a nest. But the man studies, discovers the Wild, draws the means of survival and he evolves from the wild world to the science. The knowledge is the bridge.
In the extraordinary neoclassical atmosphere of ex-Ateneo, the human wit comes on the scene: daily objects and materials are exhibited as a result of complex manufacturing, of amazing processes, continuously evolving. Giant big folders, as same as in the ancient libraries, guard wooden products as a result of researches and scientific applications designed to improve human life. The roof for protection, the chair for rest, the window for heat, the combs for disentail: common objects, of simple but great utility. Sons of wood, everyone. The material that fascinates, cares and lives.

Indigenous islands

The six indigenous islands located in the crucial centers of the City are the stage for extraordinary creations, signs and reference-marks of the exhibition for the festival of 'The Masters of the landscape'. They are usable by citizens and tourists for pleasant moments of rest in the warm arms of wood.

Ovoteca (Wooden Eggs Box)

There, where all begins. The egg, primeval symbol of birth, life hatches out and mystery of origin.
The wood is the primordial material, with innumerable shapes and potentiality and a life companion of ever.
Egg and wood. Egg made of wood. A shape addressed to enhance compactness, weight, smell, colour and grains of the material. Knowledge passes through simple gestures, the Ovoteca becomes to be a shell for the breathing nature. Here it is ‘Ovoteca 01 Essences of Italian woods’: maple, ash, beech, oak, cedar and walnut. The first of a series of collections made by the companies of ‘The wood from Nature to Things’, which will classify all the essences of the most common worldwide types of wood.
The sale of the Ovoteca will allow the purchase of toys for young patients of the Paediatrics Dpt at the Hospital Pope John XXIII in Bergamo. There, where everything will be born again.
Sincere thanks to all shopkeepers of Bergamo, who exhibit the Ovoteca giving support to the initiative.

Falegnameria Guerinoni, Fratelli Mager S.R.L., Filippi Legnami, Gamba S.R.L., Imex S.R.L., Losa Legnami S.R.L., Maxcolor S.R.L., Lodofin, Forplast S.R.L., Locatelli Design S.R.L., Le Soprano, Tino Sana S.R.L., Falcolor S.R.L. – Icrocoatings, Minelli S.P.A., Soc. Legnami Paganoni S.P.A., Sartirani Legnami S.R.L., Fiapp International, Agazzi Arreda, Ceroni & Partners S.R.L., Bertoli Valentino S.R.L., Mobilificio Fattorini, Ferri Mobili S.R.L., Legnami Zanella S.R.L., Fas  Pendezza S.R.L., Mvm Carimati, Valsecchi Home, Pedrali S.P.A.
Supporters of the exhibition
Legnosystem, LPgrafica, Vami, Cooperativa l’Albero, Domenghini, Planstudio, Telmotor light consulting, Seici, Scm Group, Wurth.

Supporting organizations
Associazione Forestale Italiana, Confindustria Bergamo, FederLegnoArredo, Ente Regionale per i Servizi all’Agricoltura e alle Foreste, Associazione Culturale Spaco Spazio Container


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