Bergamo · Italy
7-25 September 2016

Wild Landscape

This year’s focus comes about from reflection on planning and spontaneity within the landscape, on order and disorder.
Proposing the theme of the Wild Landscape leads to the paradoxical question: what does "wild design" mean? Including the wild element in the design of a landscape probably means giving space to man’s latent need, seen more clearly now than in the past, to relate closely with nature and to "import" it into his daily life. It means, therefore, understanding the complexity and the biodiversity of an area and then representing it eloquently and aesthetically.
Stefan Tischer’s suggestion, with the project proposed by the Summer School for the 2016 Green Square, follows this direction and opens the realization of a landscaping intervention to artistic horizons. Representing a strip of nature from the Orobic Alps on an undulating bridge that is in perfect communion with the history and architecture of Piazza Vecchia. Hereby crating a sculptural installation which is also a didactic experience.
In this way the language of landscape becomes an instrument to challenge the common way of looking at reality.